Plan, define and organize your roads with using one simple tool

Did you know, that from now on motorbike trip and communication with other riders won’t require several separate applications? It’s enough only one tool to plan your trip, define, look for friends to have common ride and register your kilometers passed.

planowanie trasy motocyklowej

Go register your self and… act!

Using our application is amazingly simple. After downloading and installation, only thing you need to do is to create your user account. Since that moment, after registration process finalizing, you can use whole application functionality. Please, look on basic functions.

przydatne aplikacje dla motocyklistów, aplikacja trasy motocyklowe

Plan and define trip

As soon as you create your user account, you’ll be able to plan and define your first motorbike way. How to do it? Thanks to Google maps overlay, you can do it exactly as with classic navigation systems. Set starting, middle and end way point, then assign to your road attributes. Define which places you wish to visit on the way, define trip date and trip target.
Motorcycles trip setting never was so simple.

rejestrator tras motocyklowych

Search for other bikers trips

From now on all users might get to information about your trip. Remember to define max number of people, that could join your trip. On the same rule you will may search for trips planned by other bikers. How simple is that, you’ll see by using our tool. Don’t forget to define max range in which application will search of available trips. Thanks to that much easier you’ll find friends.

wyznaczanie tras motocyklowych

Register your achievements

Application has advanced and wide ways recording mode. Thanks to that you’ll have possibility to store ways you passed, together with you’ll buid motorcycle rider reputation. After that you can share with your achievement with friends in motorcycles society as well as outside of it.

Try it now, options of our tool. You’ll see it’s worth to do it!